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Providing Basic Sports First Aid

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Sports such as football, cycling, and horse riding can be dangerous, and injuries are frequently suffered by those taking part. Even sports that are generally regarded as low-risk, such as cricket and curling, can sometimes result in minor injuries to players.

Anyone who is involved in sporting activities, from players to coaches and even referees, should attend a basic first aid course. St John Ambulance basic sports first aid courses are perfect if you are involved in any form of sport.

Course content

The St John Ambulance one day basic sports first aid course teaches you how to deal with the most common forms of injury and medical emergency that may occur during sporting events, including:

• Bleeding
• Muscle, joint, and bone injuries
• Chest pains
• Shock
• Extremes of heat and cold

On successful completion of the course, you will be able to confidently handle any medical emergency or injury that occurs during a sporting event. The certificate you will be awarded is valid for three years.

Sports first aid kit

Steroplast sports first aid kit

In addition to first aid training, you should always have a sports first aid kit on hand at every sports event you attend. A sports first aid kit contains items that are not included in a general kit such as ice packs, foil blankets, dressings for eyes and fingers, and Deep Heat cream.

At Four Square Healthcare, we understand the importance of having a well-equipped sports first aid kit that’s applicable to your chosen activity. With this in mind, we offer several sport first aid kits to suit the specific requirements of various disciplines.

Our multi sports first aid kit is ideal for use at school sports events or for general activities such as track and field competitions.

Our Sterosport Physio Sports First Aid Kit enables prompt physio treatment of injuries sustained during activities such as rugby and athletics.

Our Sterosport Football First Aid Kit is compiled specifically to enable the prompt and effective treatment of injuries suffered during football matches.

In conclusion

Taking a St John Ambulance basic sports first aid course and equipping yourself with a high-quality, comprehensive sports first aid kit could enable you to save a fellow sportsman from serious injury and even deal with a life-threatening emergency.

View our comprehensive range of first aid kits and order online for fast UK delivery. Alternatively, for more information call us on 020 7101 4177 or complete our contact form.