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Minor Procedures & Examinations

A range of high quality medical instruments, equipment and consumables as well as procedure packs containing disposable medical instruments and consumables put together for specific procedures.

Disposable Medical Instruments - Adson Forceps, Sterile Tweezers, TOE Forceps, Mosquito Forceps, Dressing Scissors, Jobson Horne Probe etc.

Equipment - Ear Irrigation Syringe, Head Lamps, Histofreezer, etc.

Procedure Packs - Suture Kit, Suture Removal Kit, Dressing Pack, Minor Op Pack, Vaginal Examination Pack, Dental Examination Kit etc.

Plus, Consumables.

These products can be used during Minor Procedures and Examinations in GP Surgeries, Hospitals and Care Homes. 

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Pink Foam Oral Mouth Swab, Sterile. Polygon shaped pink foam head. Pack of 5 swabs.
£0.43 (inc VAT) £0.36 (ex VAT)

Sterile Plastic Tweezer / Forceps, individually packed, blue colour plastic forcep
£0.23 (inc VAT) £0.19 (ex VAT)

Sterile Gallipot 60ml, individually packed.
£0.17 (inc VAT) £0.14 (ex VAT)

Small Dressing Pack with cotton balls, swabs, forceps in a tray with gallipot
£0.98 (inc VAT) £0.82 (ex VAT)

Suture Removal Pack witch stitch cutter blade, forcep, non woven swabs, clinical waste bag and red tie for bag
£0.62 (inc VAT) £0.52 (ex VAT)

Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicator, 5 sterile applicators per pack, 20 packs
£4.39 (inc VAT) £3.66 (ex VAT)

Histofreezer with 5mm (Standard), 52 applicators
£58.80 (inc VAT) £49.00 (ex VAT)

Dressing Pack with contents as Drug Tariff Specification 10, Bag  of 12 dressing packs
£8.50 £7.12 (inc VAT) £7.08 £5.93 (ex VAT)

Zadek's Procedure Pack (Sterile)
£9.31 (inc VAT) £7.76 (ex VAT)

Histofreezer - 2mm(Small), 60 applicators
£58.80 (inc VAT) £49.00 (ex VAT)

Disposable Suture Pack, 7883
£4.43 (inc VAT) £3.69 (ex VAT)