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Monitors & Screeners

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 Peak Flow Meter ( Mini-Wright )Standard Range, EU Scale DOH
£8.89 (inc VAT) £7.41 (ex VAT)

Vitalograph copd-6 Screening Monitors for early detection of COPD
£106.80 £87.46 (inc VAT) £89.00 £72.88 (ex VAT)

Vitalograph asma-1 Electronic Asthma Monitor for Measuring PEF and FEV1
£62.92 (inc VAT) £52.43 (ex VAT)

In-Check Nasal, Inspiratory Flow Meter with medium mask included
£28.68 (inc VAT) £23.90 (ex VAT)

In-Check Oral, Inspiratory Flow Meter
£25.20 (inc VAT) £21.00 (ex VAT)

E-Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter, Read Only
£17.94 (inc VAT) £14.95 (ex VAT)

e-Mini Wright Peak Flow Meter Download version
£26.94 (inc VAT) £22.45 (ex VAT)

Lung Monitor with USB for data transmission
£186.72 (inc VAT) £155.60 (ex VAT)

Vitalograph copd-6 usb Screening Monitor for Early detection of COPD
£161.16 (inc VAT) £134.30 (ex VAT)

Vitalograph 40550 Lung Monitor
£126.00 (inc VAT) £105.00 (ex VAT)

Vitalograph asma-1 Child Asthma Monitor for measuring FEV0.5, FEV0.75, FEV1, PEF
£55.50 (inc VAT) £46.25 (ex VAT)

Lung Age Monitor, showing physical lung age of a subject and encourage smoking cessation
£106.50 (inc VAT) £88.75 (ex VAT)

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