Vitalograph Lung Monitor USB

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Vitalograph Lung Monitor USB (40700) is a medical respiratory monitor for testing various parameters of lung function. The lung monitor measures FEV1, FEV6 & the ratio with electronic and hard copy reports. A simple to use device that besides being used in clinics can also be used at homes and the memory function stores over 200 test sessions. Data obtained can be transferred to PC/Laptop, Mobile, Home Hub or PDA for record keeping and further evaluation of the readings.


  • For simple, accurate lung function monitoring at home or at a clinic.
  • Measures FEV1, FEV6, FEV1/FEV6 ratio and FEF
  • Displays % of personal best FEV1
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Electronic record – no need for record cards or print-outs where required
  • Memory stores 200 test sessions
  • Data Transmission through USB cable (included).
  • Automatically stores best values in a test session
  • Quality of blow indicator
  • Easy to clean flowhead
  • Suitable for multi-subject use in clinic with SafeTway mouthpieces
  • Uses long life AAA batteries
  • Language independent
  • Meets ATS/ERS:2005 Spirometry Guidelines
  • Supplied with Vitalograph Reports Software for producing high quality pdf reports that can be stored on a computer or printed through the printer.

Technical Specifications

Parameters Displayed: FEV1, FEV6 , FEV1/FEV6 ratio and FEF 25 - 75%

Memory: 200 test sessions

Data Transmission: Transmit test/session data along with demographics, device ID, time, date to PC/Laptop, Mobile, Home Hub, PDA through USB

Quality of Blow Indicator: Yes

Accuracy: Better than +/- 3%

Range: 0 - 9.99 L BTPS

Sensor: Stator rotor

Flow Impedance: Better than 0.15 kPa/L/s at 14 L/s

Power Supply: AAA batteries

Display: Custom liquid crystal display

Size: 55g

Performance standards: ISO 26782:2009 , ISO 23747:2007 , ATS/ERS Guidelines 2005

Operating Temperature Range: 17 - 37°C

Management Zones: Factory set 3 zones , Green/Yellow threshold 95% , Yellow/Red threshold 90% , Zones may be changed by the user And number of zones increased to 4


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