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Other Instruments

Various High Quality Instruments for use in different different procedures like Ear Syringing, Dental Anaesthesia etc.

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Sterile Podiatry Burr Diamond Large -Pear Shaped
£2.08 (inc VAT) £1.73 (ex VAT)

Noots Ear Tank  Reusable Aluminium
£16.08 (inc VAT) £13.40 (ex VAT)

Sterile Podiatry Burr Small
£2.08 (inc VAT) £1.73 (ex VAT)

Manual Ear /Aural Syringe 4oz with 2 Nozzles
£16.34 (inc VAT) £13.62 (ex VAT)

Blacks Nail File, Fine, 13.5cm (Sterile)
£1.15 (inc VAT) £0.96 (ex VAT)

Nail Elevator, Sterile, RSPU200-840
£1.07 (inc VAT) £0.89 (ex VAT)

Sterile Nail Nipper (Cutter/Clipper), Box Joint, Curved
£5.75 (inc VAT) £4.79 (ex VAT)

Foot Dresser, 20cm, Sterile
£1.19 (inc VAT) £0.99 (ex VAT)

 Thwaites Nail Splitter, Sterile
£5.52 (inc VAT) £4.60 (ex VAT)

Sterile Nail Clipper, Single Leaf Spring, 14cm, Curved
£5.52 (inc VAT) £4.60 (ex VAT)

Stainless Steel Dental Syringe for Cartridge 2.2m, supplied sterile and individually packed
£4.98 (inc VAT) £4.15 (ex VAT)