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Sundry Items

Sundry items useful during minor surgeries or procedures, patient care and examinations.

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Foam Oral Mouth Swab, Sterile, Polygon shaped pink foam head. Pack of 5 swabs.
£0.43 (inc VAT) £0.36 (ex VAT)

Sterile Plastic Tweezer / Forceps, individually packed, blue colour plastic forcep
£0.22 (inc VAT) £0.18 (ex VAT)

Sterile Gallipot 60ml, individually packed.
£0.11 (inc VAT) £0.09 (ex VAT)

Polypropylene Bowl 500ml, Sterile, Individually Packed
£0.38 (inc VAT) £0.32 (ex VAT)

Chelmed Disposable Noots Ear Tank  x100
£41.88 (inc VAT) £34.90 (ex VAT)

Sterile Cotton Tipped Applicator, 5 sterile applicators per pack, 20 packs
£4.19 (inc VAT) £3.49 (ex VAT)

Stainless Steel Dental Syringe for Cartridge 2.2m, supplied sterile and individually packed
£4.98 (inc VAT) £4.15 (ex VAT)

Disposable Kidney Dish, made of paper pulp
£9.05 (inc VAT) £7.54 (ex VAT)