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Nebuliser Machines

We stock a range of nebulisers suitable for use in hospital or medical settings, homes and when you are travelling. All nebuliser models are reasonably priced and from manufacturers who are amongst the best in the industry.

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Omron CompAIR NE-C801KD Kids Nebuliser - Adapts to child's breathing pattern for increased medication intake
£53.16 (inc VAT) £44.30 (ex VAT)

Omron MicroAir NE-U22 Ultrasonic Pocket Nebuliser
£119.89 (inc VAT) £99.91 (ex VAT)

Medix AC2000 Nebuliser, High Flow
£143.94 (inc VAT) £119.95 (ex VAT)

Omron NE- C28P Nebuliser with non - silicon valves and simple one button operation
£64.80 £53.94 (inc VAT) £54.00 £44.95 (ex VAT)

Airmed 1000 nebuliser with high performance compressor
£56.16 (inc VAT) £46.80 (ex VAT)

Omron A3 Complete Nebuliser supplied with all necessary accessories
£66.80 (inc VAT) £55.67 (ex VAT)

Omron MicroAIR U100 Portable Nebuliser
£123.89 £99.60 (inc VAT) £103.24 £83.00 (ex VAT)

Omron CompAIR Pro NE-C29 Nebuliser - built-in storage !
£58.80 (inc VAT) £49.00 (ex VAT)

Omron CompAIR Pro NE-C900 Nebuliser
£78.00 (inc VAT) £65.00 (ex VAT)

Medix World Traveller High Flow Portable Nebuliser
£290.40 (inc VAT) £242.00 (ex VAT)