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High Quality ENT Care Equipment and Disposable Medical Instruments for effective treatment in a GP Surgery or Primary Care Settings alike. Equipment like ProPulse Ear Irrigation Syringes, Head Lamps etc and Disposable Medical Instruments like Cerumen Hook and Scoop, Jobson Horne Probe,Tongue Depressors, Oral Mouth Swabs etc. are some of the products in this category.

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Pink Foam Oral Mouth Swab, Sterile. Polygon shaped pink foam head. Pack of 5 swabs.
£0.43 (inc VAT) £0.36 (ex VAT)

Manual Ear /Aural Syringe 4oz with 2 Nozzles
£16.34 (inc VAT) £13.62 (ex VAT)

Noots Ear Tank  Reusable Aluminium
£16.08 (inc VAT) £13.40 (ex VAT)

Propulse® Single Use QrX™ Tips for Propulse G5 & NG x100
£53.40 (inc VAT) £44.50 (ex VAT)

Propulse Cleaning Tablets  x200
£29.16 (inc VAT) £24.30 (ex VAT)

Reusable Waterproof Cape
£15.60 (inc VAT) £13.00 (ex VAT)

Propulse Spare Tank/ Reservoir and Lid
£23.21 (inc VAT) £19.34 (ex VAT)

Propulse ProScoop for Ear Wax Removal x40
£49.76 (inc VAT) £41.47 (ex VAT)

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