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Medical Fridges

A selection of high quality medical and pharmacy fridges from Labcold which is a reputed name in the industry. Labcold is a UK based manufacturer of medical fridges, their refrigerators are packed with most useful and practical features at very economical prices! Pharmacy fridges for storing medicines, vaccines or other temperature sensitive medical supplies with integrated features like lockable doors, min./max temperature display, data loggers, alarms, solid or glass door option, controller battery back-up etc as standard.

We also supply Labcold Laboratory Fridges - Sparkfree and others, Cooled Incubators and Ice makers for medical and laboratory use. Please contact us for details on these models.

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Portable Labcold Pharmacy Fridge with Temperature display & Digital Controller
£584.40 £443.00 (inc VAT) £487.00 £369.17 (ex VAT)

Labcold RLDF0210A 66 Litre Medical Fridge Solid Door 3 Shelves
£837.60 £643.20 (inc VAT) £698.00 £536.00 (ex VAT)

Labcold RLDF0510A 150 litre Medical Fridge Solid Door
£1,224.00 £940.74 (inc VAT) £1,020.00 £783.95 (ex VAT)

Labcold RLDF0110A Medical Refrigerator Solid Door
£708.00 £543.59 (inc VAT) £590.00 £452.99 (ex VAT)

Labcold RLDF0119, 36 litre Medical Refrigerator with Solid Door
£744.00 £587.99 (inc VAT) £620.00 £489.99 (ex VAT)

Labcold RLDF1010A 300 litre Medical Fridge Solid Door
£1,656.00 £1,274.40 (inc VAT) £1,380.00 £1,062.00 (ex VAT)


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