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Wound Wash & Wipes

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Pre-Injection Alcohol Swabs / Wipes, 100/pk
£1.74 (inc VAT) £1.45 (ex VAT)

Alcohol Free Wipes individually sealed and supplied in a dispenser pack
£5.04 (inc VAT) £4.20 (ex VAT)

Antiseptic Wipes Alcohol Free 100/pk
£8.87 (inc VAT) £7.39 (ex VAT)

Wound Cleansing Saline Wipes, Pack of 100
£5.80 (inc VAT) £4.83 (ex VAT)

Irripod Sterile  Normal Saline - Wound and Eye Wash Solution
£8.36 (inc VAT) £6.97 (ex VAT)


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