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Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors are required to take one's blood pressure readings for it's management or further investigations. Nowadays, more and more people also need to take their their blood pressure readings regularly in their homes. Whether you are a health professional looking for a digital blood pressure monitor or a aneroid sphymomanometer for use in clinical settings or member of public looking for a easy to use and reliable Automatic BP Monitor, we have something to suit every requirement. All our Blood Pressure Monitors are clinically validated and covered by manufacturer's guarantee. 

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Omron M10-IT B P Monitor with a pre-formed comfort cuff (22-42cm)
£69.84 (inc VAT) £58.20 (ex VAT)

Omron M3 BP monitor with Dual Size Easy Cuff
£40.82 (inc VAT) £34.02 (ex VAT)

Omron M7-IT Blood Pressure Monitor
£63.72 (inc VAT) £53.10 (ex VAT)

Omron Large Cuff (32 - 42cm)
£11.70 (inc VAT) £9.75 (ex VAT)

Omron M6 Comfort BP Monitor HEM-7321-E with Intelli Wrap Cuff
£61.84 (inc VAT) £51.53 (ex VAT)

Omron RS2 Blood Pressure Monitor with integrated cuff  to be worn around the wrist
£33.62 (inc VAT) £28.02 (ex VAT)

Omron MIT Elite Plus BP Monitor - Black
£81.43 (inc VAT) £67.86 (ex VAT)

Omron MIT Elite Blood Pressure Monitor - White
£88.92 (inc VAT) £74.10 (ex VAT)

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with a Clip-on Dial 48mm
£10.38 (inc VAT) £8.65 (ex VAT)

Accoson 6 Inch Aneroid Sphyg, Desk Model with Coiled Tubing and Ambidex Cuff
£65.95 (inc VAT) £54.96 (ex VAT)

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