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Disinfectant Wipes

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Pre-Injection Alcohol Swabs / Wipes, 100/pk
£1.74 (inc VAT) £1.45 (ex VAT)

Clinell Universal Wipes in a Dispenser Pack of 200 wipes
£6.44 (inc VAT) £5.37 (ex VAT)

Alcohol Free Wipes individually sealed and supplied in a dispenser pack
£5.28 (inc VAT) £4.40 (ex VAT)

Azowipes in dispensing canister
£5.52 (inc VAT) £4.60 (ex VAT)

Clinell Universal Wipes for Cleaning as well as Disinfection of Surfaces and Equipment.
£1.56 (inc VAT) £1.30 (ex VAT)

Antiseptic Wipes Alcohol Free 100/pk
£8.58 (inc VAT) £7.15 (ex VAT)

Clinell Spill Wipes in a resealable bag
£3.89 (inc VAT) £3.24 (ex VAT)

Clinell Universal Wipes Maceratable in a dispenser pack of 140 wipes
£7.80 (inc VAT) £6.50 (ex VAT)

Multi-Surface Wipes for General Cleaning and Damp Dusting in healthcare environment.
£6.11 (inc VAT) £5.09 (ex VAT)

Clinell Sporicidal Wipes - high level disinfectant wipe
£10.91 (inc VAT) £9.09 (ex VAT)


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