In-Check Nasal Inspiratory Flow Meter (PNIF)

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The In-Check Nasal is an inexpensive alternative to Rhinomanometry, it is a portable Inspiratory Flow Meter which measures nasal passage obstruction; this helps to indicate whether the patient is suffering from allergic rhinitis, which causes discomfort to sufferers. The In-Check Nasal measures nasal inspiratory flow between 30 - 370 L/min.

The In-Check Nasal uses a simple measurement of how quickly the air can move through the nose when inhaling forcefully. The In-Check Nasal works when a patient inhales through the nose causing air to be drawn through the meter, a cursor moves along the scale to indicate the speed of inhalation. The flow rate achieved can be noted by checking the position of the cursor against the calibrated scale.

The In-Check Nasal also knows as Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow Meter (PNIF), allows easy daily monitoring by the patient wherever they are and provides an accurate assessment of nasal congestion and response to treatment.

This product also helps the physician to judge the degree of obstruction and help assess the benefits of therapeutic intervention, by providing an objective assessment of nasal airway patency.

Product Features and Benefits

• Measures inspiratory flow through the nose

• Accurate assessment of nasal congestion

• Individually calibrated to ensure accuracy

• Lightweight and easy to use

• Portable

• Can be used during assessment of allergic rhinitis



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