Cauteries & Cryosurgery for minor procedures

Cauteries & Cryosurgery for minor procedures


Cauteries and cryosurgery work in a similar fashion, even though they are at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their effects. 

Cauteries utilise a heated element to cut and seal on the body, whereas cryosurgery equipment achieves a similar effect through the application of extreme cold. Both tools are essential additions to any healthcare professional’s medical kit.


Cauteries are the modern, technological equivalent of holding a needle over a flame. 

Handheld devices such as the single use disposable cautery pen are the size of a pen, battery operated, and are used for such minor medical procedures as removing skin tags and warts, treating small angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasia, and subungual hematoma among others.

Cryosurgery equipment

disposable cautery pen

The most common use of cryosurgery is the treatment of warts, verrucae, and other benign skin lesions. It works by freezing the affected area, killing off the affected tissue by effectively burning it away with extreme cold. All manner of skin blemishes can be disposed off in this manner. This includes, but is not limited to, common warts, plantar and flat warts, actinic and seborrheic keratoses, age spots, skin tags, molluscum contagiosum, and condyloma acuminate.

A quick and effective form of cosmetic therapy, cryosurgery can now be performed without costly liquid nitrogen or anaesthesia. Portable cryotherapy applicators such as the Histofreezer have made this procedure something that can be conducted in any GP surgery with instant results and minimal scarring.

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4th Jul 2019 Four Square Healthcare

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