World Hand Hygiene Day

World Hand Hygiene Day

Any healthcare professional will be able to attest to the importance of good hand hygiene. 5 May 2019 is World Hand Hygiene Day and is the ideal opportunity to promote good hand hygiene practices among medical staff, patients, and the wider community.

Promoted by the World Health Organisation with the slogan “SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands” the focus of the campaign is on health professionals themselves, and the impact thorough hand hygiene has in the medical profession by reducing cases of infection among patients.

Why is hand hygiene so important

A proper washing technique removes bacteria, viruses, and dirt from our hands, stopping them from being passed on to other people, and potentially spreading germs.

When should we wash our hands?

In general terms, we should always wash our hands after using the toilet, before eating, after coming into contact with animals, and after we have handled raw meat or fish. From a health professional perspective, we should also clean our hands before and after coming into contact with a patient, to prevent spread of disease or infection.

The best way to wash your hands

According to the World Health Organisation, the following is the most effective hand-washing method.
* Use water to wet your hands
* Cover your hands with soap or an alcohol-based handwash.
* Rub your palms together
* Rub the back of your right and with your left palm, interlacing your fingers as you do so. Repeat with your other hand
* Interlacing fingers again, rub your palms together
* Now rub your palms with the backs of your fingers, with your fingers interlocked
* Using your right hand, grab your left thumb and rub in a rotating motion. Swap hands and repeat with the right thumb.
* Rub your right fingertips with your left palm, using a circular motion. Repeat with your right palm and left fingertips.
* Rinse hands
* Dry hands thoroughly with a disposable towel
* Turn off the tap using the disposable towel

More information about World Hand Hygiene Day can be found at the World Health Organisation website.

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