Multi Sports First Aid Kit

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
  • Multi Sports First Aid Kit with a comprehensive range of medical products
  • Multi Sports First Aid Kit with transparent and labelled inner pouches
  • Multi Sports First Aid Kit with removable inner pouches


Multi Sports First Aid Kit comes with medical products for treating sporting injuries suffered during a wide range of sports games. The medical products included are high quality and approved for NHS supply. This high quality first aid kit from Steroplast is supplied with a compact - easy to grab bag to run on field in case of an injury to a player. The bag is made from nylon which is easy to clean and protects the contents when placed over a wet and dirty surface. The grab bag includes transparent inner pouches that one can remove and re-adjust and lays open flat making it very easy to locate and take out the required product.


  • The Multi Sports First Aid Kit includes medical product for providing first aid during a wide range of sports.
  • High quality medical products included.
  • Supplied in a hard wearing bag made from Nylon that saves the contents when kit is placed over a wet and dirty surface and can be wiped clean.
  • Compact and Easy to grab and go bag with a external water bottle holder.
  • Includes transparent inner pouches that are attached to the main bag with Velcro, enabling removal and re-adjustment of the pouches.
  • The pouches are labelled A - E for ease of identification and instructions.
  • The bag lays open flat with contents placed well organised in transparent inner pouches, making it easy to locate the required product. 
Contents Quantity
Antiseptic cream 15g 1
Bandage - conforming 7.5cm x 4m 2
Bandage - non woven triangular 2
Dressing - eyepad 1
Dressing - finger 1
Dressing - large 2
Dressing - medium 2
Eyewash pods 20ml 5
Foil blanket 1
Gauze swabs 5cm Pack of 5
Gloves - large nitrile 5 pairs
Hand sanitiser - clinell 50ml 1
Ice packs 2
Pads - low adherent 5
Plasters - washproof 20
Resuscitation valve - 1 way 1
Scissors - 6 inch paramedic 1
Steropore wallet 1 x 4
Strapping - fabric 2.5cm x 1.5m 1
Trigger spray bottle 1
Waste bag - clinell 1
Wipes - alcohol free Bag of 10
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