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Keeler Diagnostic Sets

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As one of the country’s foremost medical equipment suppliers, we take pains to provide our clients with the finest medical products and accessories from some of the world’s most respected brands. One such product is the Keeler diagnostic set, a set of high-quality ophthalmic instruments available to buy from the Four Square Healthcare website.

Based in Windsor, Keeler is a world leader in ophthalmic medical care, and has been established for over a hundred years as an innovator in the field of eye-care.

The Keeler diagnostic set comes in two versions: the Standard and the Pocket.

Keeler standard diagnostic set

Keeler Standard Diagnostic Set (1729-P-1018)

The Standard Keeler diagnostic set comprises a dry cell handle, with an interchangeable head for operating as an otoscope or an ophthalmoscope. Both attachments offer state-of-the-art ophthalmic technology in a convenient, multi-use tool. 

The otoscope comes with a removable 2.5x magnifying lens that allows the use of small instruments, whilst the ophthalmoscope includes a maywheel lens control for adjusting magnification, as well as two diagnostic beams, and a red-free filter for the enhanced examination of blood vessels.

The Standard set also comes with reusable specula, a pair of replacement bulbs and the necessary tools for bulb removal and replacement, as well as a sturdy hard case.

Keeler Jazz pocket diagnostic set

Keeler Jazz Pocket Diagnostic Set (1702-P-1096)

The Pocket Keeler diagnostic set is ideal for the healthcare professional on the move. Comprising a xenon ophthalmoscope and a fibre optic LED otoscope, these high-quality instruments benefit from a slimline design, making it the most portable diagnostic set on the market.

The Pocket set comes with disposable specula and a compact soft velcro case that can easily fit in the pocket or be suspended from the belt loop provided.

Spares and replacements

As well as the two Keeler diagnostic sets described, we also supply individual otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes, together with spares such as bulbs and reusable/disposable specula.

Both Keeler diagnostic sets and their accessories are available for immediate purchase through the Four Square Healthcare online store, and benefit from fast UK delivery. 

Remember, all NHS-funded hospitals, GP surgeries, and trusts automatically qualify for a 30-day credit account, so get in touch today.