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What to look for when selecting a medical equipment supplier

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In order for your surgery, hospital, clinic or other medical facility to run efficiently and within your annual budget, it is important to choose the best medical equipment supplier.

Here are some key points to consider when making your choice. 

Quality and cost

When buying medical equipment, quality is a very important consideration.

Good quality medical instruments will perform better, last longer, and are safer to use than cheaper ones. However, the very highest quality equipment will also be more expensive and may not be the most appropriate choice for your needs. Infrequently used items and very specialist pieces of equipment are often best sourced from the ‘mid-range’ products.

Look for a medical equipment supplier who offers good quality equipment at reasonable prices. Avoid the false economy trap of buying ‘cheap’, as these instruments tend to fall apart or rust, meaning that they will require frequent replacement. Look for well-known brand names such as Rocialle, Littmann, Omron and Vitalograph to ensure you’re receiving excellent value for money.

Disposable or reusable

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Some equipment and medical supplies such as procedure packs and surgical instruments are described as disposable or reusable.

Disposables can be more convenient than reusables, but using disposable medical instruments can sometimes work out more expensive as they require frequent replacement. However, reusables will require proper sterilisation, which adds to costs and labour.

When choosing a medical equipment supplier, it’s helpful to use one who offers both disposable and reusable products. If you are planning to primarily use disposables, you will need a supplier who can provide a reliable and regular supply of replacement products.

Other considerations

In addition to the important considerations mentioned above, you should look for a medical equipment supplier who is able to fulfil bulk orders and has sufficient stock in place for immediate delivery fulfilment. This is especially important for large medical centres and hospitals where the turnover of medical supplies is rapid.

In the current economic climate, budgetary considerations are paramount for every business, especially those in the medical sector. With this in mind, look for a medical equipment supplier who offers special payment terms to NHS funded surgeries and hospitals.

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