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IUCD/IUD Procedure

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An IUCD/IUD procedure refers to the insertion of one of a number of intrauterine devices (commonly referred to as ‘the coil’) into a patient’s cervix.

This procedure is undertaken by women who have opted to use an IUCD/IUD as a method of contraception or those who wish to reduce heavy bleeding caused by conditions such as fibroids. Both devices operate in a similar manner, with an IUCD having a metal thread that releases copper into the patient’s system, while an IUD normally has a plastic thread that releases progestogen, with the same contraceptive effect.

Insertion of an intrauterine device should only be performed a trained medical professional. The following is a very brief summation of the process and should not be taken as a substitute for medical training.

Insertion of IUCDs

The blue flange needs to be aligned with the IUCDs arms at the uterine distance. The white inserter rod should be put into the insertion tube opposite to the IUCD arms. The IUCD is then inserted into the uterus until its flange meets the back of the cervix. Pulling back the inserter tube allows the inserter rod’s arms to adopt a T-position. The insertion tube can be slowly advanced to allow for correct positioning before the insertion rod is removed, and the threads cut to a length of about 3cm.

IUCD procedure kit

Insertion of IUDs

The arms of the device should be aligned horizontally before being drawn into the insertion tube by pulling on both threads. The flange needs to be set to the correct depth of the patient’s uterus. Whilst keeping hold of the slider, the IUD is then slowly inserted into the patient’s cervix, until 1.5cm to 2cm away from the back. Pulling back the slider releases the arms, and the slider can be pulled down. Whilst the inserter is held in place, release the device itself. The inserter can then be removed, and the threads cut to a length of 2cm to 3cm.


Ensure that the patient feels okay to leave, and arrange a follow-up appointment for six weeks’ time, in order to check for expulsion, perforation or infection, or to shorten the threads, if necessary.

At Four Square Healthcare, we offer medical procedure packs to assist with the insertion of an IUCD or an IUD. These single-use, sterile packs include disposable medical instruments such as scissors, dishes, forceps, and vaginal speculums. 

Both the IUCD procedure pack and the IUD procedure pack are available to order online now, and include fast UK delivery. NHS-funded GP surgeries and all NHS Hospitals and Trusts automatically qualify for a 30-day credit account.