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How to Use Siemens Multistix

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Siemens Multistix 8 SGSiemens Multistix are a popular and effective brand of urinalysis test strips for use by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Used detect and monitor a range of conditions, Siemens Multistix are simple to use and easy to diagnose from.

Here are a few pointers on how to use Siemens Multistix.

What Siemens Multistix can help diagnose

There are a number of conditions that can be diagnosed by careful examination of a patient’s urine. These include serious illnesses like diabetes, kidney disorders and renal failure, and autoimmunity issues, as well as less serious conditions such as ketosis, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and others.

How to perform a urinalysis with Siemens Multistix

Siemens Multistix are simple to use: collect a fresh sample of the patient’s urine into a sterile container. Dip a Multistix into the sample and hold for a few seconds before removing and knocking off any drips. The stick will change colour depending on the contents of the sample.

Diagnosing with Siemens Multistix

The reference chart that comes with each packet of Multistix will allow for an accurate and instantaneous assessment of the patient’s condition by comparing it to the colours on the stick.

Some examples:

The glucose square will change colour to a dark brown in the presence of any glucose in the urine, which might indicate diabetes.

Urinalysis test strips

The specific gravity square will turn a dark green if the patient’s urine has a low specific gravity, indicating chronic renal failure.

If there are traces of blood in the patient’s urine – suggestive of a number of complaints, including kidney stones, infection, or even tumours – they will present as dark-green flecks.

Protein in the urine – which may indicate kidney disease – is shown by the stick changing to a bottle-green colour.

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