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European Immunization Week (24-30 April)

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The 24th to the 30th April 2019 marks European Immunization Week. Co-ordinated and led by the World Health Organization, the event promotes the vital message that immunisation is crucial to protecting life and preventing diseases.

Using the slogan of Prevent – Protect - Immunize, the purpose of European Immunization Week is to increase the coverage immunisation receives through raised awareness of its importance via healthcare professionals, parents and caregivers, and the media, as well as policy and decision-makers across the WHO European Region.

Here at Four Square Healthcare, we fully support this initiative. Immunisation is helping to control and eradicate preventable diseases all over the world and never has it been more important. 

Diseases such as tuberculosis, tetanus, rotavirus, poliomyelitis (polio), pneumococcal disease, pertussis, mumps, measles and rubella, influenza, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis b, haemophilus influenza type b (HIB), and diphtheria all carry serious consequences for anybody who contracts them, up to and including death. In 2019 there is no reason why any child in the UK should be put at risk from these avoidable diseases since the necessary vaccinations to immunise them against it are available.

pharmacy fridge with vaccines

European Immunization Week is a wonderful opportunity for the UK’s remarkable force of healthcare professionals to promote the importance of immunisation to patients and parents across the country.

At Four Square Healthcare, we are doing our bit to help. Currently on offer from our online store is a range of medical fridges, ideal for the storing of vaccinations. Ranging in size from 36 litre to 440 litre capacity, these Labcold pharmacy fridges are an essential addition to any medical centre undertaking vaccinations on their patients. Portable vaccine refrigerators for use by the nurses and doctors for administering the vaccines outside their clinics or surgeries are also available.

All our medical fridges are available for ordering immediately online. Remember that all NHS-funded GP surgeries and NHS Hospitals and Trusts qualify for an automatic 30-day credit account with us.