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Ear irrigation to remove ear wax



Clinical staff at care homes, doctors’ surgeries, and hospitals will be familiar with the problem of accumulated ear wax in patients. The traditional method of ear syringing can be uncomfortable for patients, and it is often necessary to repeat the unpleasant procedure at regular intervals to maintain the effect. However, ear syringing to remove ear wax build up can now be replaced by a far more effective and safer procedure; ear irrigation.

So, what is ear wax irrigation and how could it be used in your practice.

Ear wax irrigation

Ear wax irrigation is performed using a special, stand-alone irrigation machine. The irrigation machine contains a storage reservoir unit that is filled with water. To ensure comfort, the water is kept at a pleasant body temperature. An integral, hand-held spray nozzle is used to gently pump a pressurised flow of water into the patient’s ear at a steady, controlled rate. The irrigator has a fully adjustable pressure control feature to ensure that the ear is not damaged by a too high pressure.

The gentle force of the warm water works to soften and break down the ear wax buildup and then flushes the wax out of the ear canal to be captured in a flask, called a ‘noots’ tank. Irrigation is typically pain-free and much quicker than the traditional method of syringing, usually working within minutes.

In addition to being safe and comfortable, the use of liquid also ensures that the whole ear canal is washed completely clean.

Where to obtain ear wax irrigation equipment?

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