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Brand Focus: Littmann

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Littmann stethoscopeLittmann is among the most well-respected medical brands in the world. Constantly innovating since it was founded over a century ago, the company continues to break new ground in the field of stethoscope technology.

Here at Four Square Healthcare, we are pleased to be able to supply these precision instruments to our clients across the UK.

Benefits of Littmann stethoscopes

All Littmann stethoscopes benefit from the company's dozens of patented developments. These include a high acoustic sensitivity allowing for a variety of uses depending on the model, from simple physical examinations to detailed diagnostics. They also incorporate tunable diaphragms, allowing health workers to hear sounds of different frequencies without the need to move the chest piece. 

Littmann ear tips are soft-sealing, fitting comfortably into the ear and providing a superlative acoustic seal. From the precision chest pieces to the adjustable headset, every component of a Littmann stethoscope is ergonomically designed for comfort, functionality, and precision.

Littmann tunable diaphagm

Our range of Littmann stethoscopes

At Four Square Healthcare, we carry an extensive range of Littmann products, including the Classic III models, available in a variety of colours.

Of particular note is the range of infant and paediatric stethoscopes that we have in stock. Specially designed for use on younger children and babies, these high-quality instruments incorporate smaller chest pieces for examining young patients.

Littmann soft seal ear tips

For heart specialists, Littmann’s high-end cardiology stethoscopes come highly recommended, and remember that whatever model you choose, replacement diaphragm rims and ear tips are also available from Four Square Healthcare.

Our complete range of Littmann Stethoscopes and accessories are available to purchase from the Four Square Healthcare online store, and benefit from fast UK delivery. Remember that all NHS Hospitals and Trusts, as well as all NHS funded GP surgeries, automatically qualify for a 30-day credit account.