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Allergy testing and treatment

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Allergies can affect people of any age. An allergic reaction happens when the body’s immune system overreacts to substances called allergens. Most allergies are simply an inconvenient annoyance, rather than a serious medical problem, but there are some that can be dangerous.

Common types of allergies

Some allergies occur all year round, whilst others are more seasonal in nature. Seasonal allergies include:

• Pollen
• Mould

Common allergies that can affect sufferers at any time include:

• Dust mites
• Pet dander
• Foods, such as milk, nuts, and eggs
• Insect stings
• Medicines
• Metals (especially nickel, cobalt, chromium, and zinc)

Most reactions to these allergens are mild, but in severe cases, anaphylaxis may occur, most commonly with allergies associated with food and insect venom.

Allergy symptoms vary, depending on the source of the allergic reaction, but all can interfere with your daily life.

peanuts are a common

Food allergies

Many people are allergic to the lactose contained in milk or milk-based foodstuffs. Other common food allergies include nuts, shellfish, and eggs.

Symptoms include swelling of the throat, face, lips, and tongue. A general tingling sensation around the mouth may also occur. Vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach pain are also experienced by some people with conditions such as coeliac disease, where the sufferer is allergic to the gluten contained in wheat.

Hives or a rash may also present as a symptom of a food allergy. In severe cases, the narrowing of the sufferer’s airways can be life-threatening.

Insect venom

Insect bites can cause localised allergic reactions, such as itching and swelling. Serious allergies can result in chest tightness and breathing difficulties, which should always be treated as an emergency, especially in children.

Dust mites, pet dander, and pollen

Dust mites, pet dander and pollen are carried in the air and can be transferred into a house on clothing and shoes. Consequently, even keeping the windows closed won’t prevent sufferers from being affected, as tiny particles of these airborne allergens can be disturbed simply by someone walking across a carpet.

The allergic rhinitis (hay fever) that is caused by airborne allergens causes a variety of symptoms, including:

• Runny, blocked nose
• Sneezing
• Coughing
• Itchy, watery eyes
• Itchiness and inflammation of the nose, eyes, and mouth

Dust and pet dander allergies can be controlled through the use of a dust mite controller.

allergy test

Allergy testing

In order to treat your allergies, it is first essential that the cause is identified. Allergy test kits are a very accurate and effective way of isolating the cause of many different allergies before more intensive testing is carried out by an allergy specialist.

Allergies to foodstuffs and airborne substances can have a serious impact on the sufferer’s life, so it’s important to identify the issue as soon as possible. Order online today, or for more information about our allergy test kits and associated products, please contact our team today.