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iPAD NFK200, Semi - Automatic Defibrillator

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  • iPAD NFK200 AED with clear view and access of pads
  • iPAD NFK200 AED with removable front panel
  • iPAD NFK200 AED, compact design with integrated handle
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The NFK200 is a simple to use, intuitive defibrillator allowing for quick and convenient pads access. It can easily and effectively be used by anyone. Combined adult/paediatric pads, it is popular option for those seeking an affordable and effective defibrillator.

  • Device and consumables status LED indicator with daily/weekly/monthly self-test.
  • Compact design, weighs just 2.2kg with battery and pads included and integrated handle for easy of carrying.
  • Adult/Paediatric mode change button and same pad for either and adult or child casualty, so one thing less to worry about.
  • CPR metronome, voice guidance, and graphic instructions.
  • Memory Capacity - 5 individual treatments, up to 3 hours per treatment.
  • Data transfer by USB.
  • CPR step detection indicator for more effective CPR

  • Suitable for use in GP Surgeries, Office, Workplaces and for community use when placed inside External AED Cabinets.


  • Dimensions: 260mm x 220mm x 70mm (Width x Length x Height)
  • Weight: 2.2kg (Including the battery and pads)
  • Drop: Withstands 0.7 meter drop to any edge, corner or surface
  • IP42 rated casing
  • Operating Mode: Semi-automated
  • Waveform:  E-cube biphasic (Truncated exponential type)
  • Output Energy: 150J at 50  load for adults and 50J at 50  load for children
  • Shockable Rhythms: Ventricular Fibrillation or Fast Ventricular Tachycardia
  • Indicators: Do-Not-Touch-Patient

                   Pads Patch Position Indicators

                   Status LED Indicator

                   CPR Step and Detection Indicator

                   Shock Button

  • Speaker: Provides voice prompts at 75dB
  • Low Battery Indicator: Shown on the Status LED, announced via voice instruction


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