iPAD SP1 Defibrillator Fully Automatic + FREE Carry Case

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  • iPAS SP1 Fully Automatic AED - shock delivered automatically without pressing the shock button
  • iPAD SP1 Fully Automatic AED - easy defibrillator pads storage at the back of the machine.
  • iPAD SP1 Fully Automatic AED in semi-rigid carry case & wall bracket
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  • Wall Mounting Bracket for iPAD SP1 & SP2 Defibrillator with Velcro Strap


The new iPAD (intelligent Public Access Defibrillator) from CU Medical builds upon the reputation of the original iPAD for being one of the best value high quality AED's available today. Using low energy biphasic technology (similar to the Philips/Laerdal AED's) it has been designed to be simple to use, easy to maintain, affordable to buy and inexpensive to run. 

Innovative features and extremely high build quality is making it the AED that the industry is talking about and that other manufacturers are trying to catch up with. Supplied with everything that you need to be up and running, including a FREE carry case (worth £102 +vat) and a FREE Responder Kit the iPAD SP1 Defibrillator offers incredible value and the peace of mind that in an emergency, the only shock you'll get is the one that you want.

You Don't Have To Be A Trained Paramedic To Save A Life

The NEW iPAD SP1 Defibrillator is the latest in the range of intelligent public access defibrillators from one of the World’s leading manufacturers’ of clinical defibrillator monitors.

Designed to be used by minimally trained individuals, the iPAD SP1 Defibrillator is suitable for use almost anywhere that people gather, whether it’s within the workplace, a shopping centre or a hospital. The iPAD SP1 makes saving lives easier than ever.

Key Features

• Same set of pads for both Adult and Children. Easily switch from Adult to Child mode without changing pads.

• Integrated pad storage - electrode pads are stored, pre-connected, in a clear compartment on the underside of the unit.

- Pads are easily removed by pulling on the exposed tab

- The pads are always ready for use and easily checked

• CPR Detection

- the iPAD SP1 detects if CPR is being performed when appropriate.

- If CPR is not being performed, voice prompts encourage the responder to ‘perform CPR’

- If CPR is being performed, voice prompts encourage the responder to ‘continue CPR’

• Visual Indicator shows at a glance.

- Battery Life

- Unit Status

- Pad Status. Visual Indicator gives 3 months notice before pads expire. Also, warns user if pre-used electrodes are attached !

• Internal memory stores the last 5 events/3 hours of data.

- Data can be transferred via the built in SD card and IrDA ports

- Data can be reviewed via the ‘CU-EX1’ software (for pc)

• ‘i’ button performs the following functions;

- Allows responder to select if CPR metronome is heard during CPR

- Checks for faults and errors - Provides ‘handover’ information to Ambulance crew (usage time and shocks delivered)

- Allows the SP1 to be programmed with CPR protocols such as compression rate, number of compressions, breaths and cycles etc, ensuring that the SP1 is always up to date

- Downloads data for review

- Checks the units software version

• Longer Shelf-Life of pads and low cost of consumables.

• FREE carry case

• 7 year warranty on unit

Contents :

1x iPAD SP1 Defibrillator Fully Automatic (AED)

1x Battery

2x Defib. Pads (Adult/Child)

2x AED Starter Kits which contain: 1 Pair of tuffcut scissors, 2 Patient Wipes, 1 Compact Resuscitation Face Shield, 1 Prep Razor and 1 Pair of Gloves. All kit contents are sealed in a foil pouch to ensure sterility.

1x FREE Carry Case


Device Specifications – Model Name: CU-SP1



Nominal Specifications


260mm x 256mm x 69.5mm (Width x Length x Height)


2.4kg (Including the battery pack and pads)





Nominal Specifications

Operational Status

(The device is in emergency use) Temperature: 0°C ~ 43°C (32°F ~ 109°F) Humidity: 5% ~ 95% (non condensing)

Standby Status

(The device is stored together with the defibrillator pads and the battery pack  is inserted ready to be used in an emergency)         Temperature: 0°C~ 43°C (32°F ~ 109°F)       Humidity: 5% ~ 95% (non condensing)


0 to 15,000 feet (operational and storage)

Drop Withstands

1.2-meter drop to any edge, corner, or surface


Operating: Meets MIL-STD-810G Fig.514.6E-1, random Standby: Meets MIL-STD-810G Fig.514.6E-2, swept sine (helicopter)


IEC 60529: IP55


Meets IEC 61000-4-2:2001

EMI (Radiated)

Meets IEC 60601-1-2 limits, method EN 55011:2007 +A2:2007, Group 1, Class B

EMI (Immunity)

Meets IEC 60601-1-2 limits, method EN 61000-4-3:2006 +A1:2008 Level 3  (10V/m 80MHz to 2500MHz)





Nominal Specifications

Operating Mode

Fully-automatic or Semi-automated


e-cube biphasic (Truncated exponential type)

Output Energy

150 J at 50 Ω  load for adults       50 J at 50  Ω load for children

Charge Control

Controlled by an automated patient analysis system

Energy Storage

10 seconds, typical. Using new disposable LiMnO2 battery pack (at 20°C)

Charging Time

11 seconds, typical. Using new disposable LiMnO2 battery pack, depleted by 15 discharges at 200 Joules per discharge (at 20°C)

Time from CPR to Shock

Less than 6 seconds from the completion of CPR to shock delivery


The device performs a self-discharge in the following events: When the patient's ECG changes to a rhythm that does not require defibrillation. When the device is turned off by pressing the Power Button for at least a second. When the pad is detached from the patient's body or the pad connector is detached from the device. When the impedance of the patient is out of the range of defibrillation (25  Ω ~ 175  Ω) (Semi-automatic only) When the shock button is not pressed within 15 seconds from the completion of the charge.

Fully-Automatic Shock

Shock is automatically delivered if a shockable rhythm is detected

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Warranty Information

Manufacturer's 7 Years Warranty on the Unit.
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