iPAD Saver NF1200 Semi Automatic / NF1201 Fully Automatic AED

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  • iPAD Saver AED with integrated carry handle and clearly marked steps for use.
  • iPAD Saver AED with Graphical Rescue Guide helps minimally trained individuals
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The iPAD Saver is a automated external defibrillator also known as an AED. A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone and anywhere and the first few minutes are most essential in saving a victim of cardiac arrest. It therefore becomes essential to have a Public Access Defibrillator at as many public places as possible.

A Public Access Defibrillator like iPAD NF1200 (Semi-Automatic) or iPAD NF1201 (Fully Automatic) is designed for use by minimally trained individuals by providing simple verbal and visual instructions. Lightweight and battery powered for maximum portability.


  • Easy and Simple Operation.
  • Efficient and effective e-cube Biphasic technology.
  • Metronome function and verbal CPR coaching.
  • Can be used on adults and paediatrics by using the correct electrodes. iPAD Saver senses the electrodes connected and automatically adjusts the energy level.
  • Lightweight 2.2kg and compact.
  • Highly visible LED status indicators.
  • Wireless data transfer (IrDA).
  • Automatic self test (Power on / Run time / Daily / Weekly / Monthly).
  • Stores 1 rescue attempt - 40 min. recording of the entire rescue process as well as ECG data.
  • Software can be update to meet any upgrade to the guidelines.
  • Highest IP54 rating ensuring that the iPAD NF1200 is protected against dust and water.
  • Perfect for public facilities – shopping centres, stations, clubs, sports or leisure centres and schools.
  • Also used by ambulances and the mining and shipping industry.
  • iPAD Saver Defibrillator is available in Fully Automatic (NF1201) and Semi-Automatic (NF1200) versions. With Fully automatic version, the defibrillator automatically delivers a shock upon detecting a shockable rhythm and with a semi-automatic version the shock button has to be pressed by the rescuer.
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