Trainhaler CR - pMDI Training System with Flo-Tone CR Trainer

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  • TRAINHALER CR - pMDI Technique Training Device, Placebo Inhaler
  • TRAINHALER WITH FLO-TONE - pMDI Inhaler Training Device, a whistle sound is heard upon correct inhalation.
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  • Flo-Tone CR Trainer,  pack of 10. For use with Trainhaler for Review/Training of Patients' Inhaler Techniques.


Trainhaler CR is a (pMDI) Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler Technique Training Device. It is a placebo like Inhaler Training device which when used together with the Flo-Tone CR (also provided) acts as a pMDI technique training system that healthcare professionals or individuals can use to teach or learn correct inhaler technique (flow, co-ordination and duration).

Quite often patients do not use their pMDIs correctly, either the inhalation is started too early or too late (incoordination) or they inhale too rapidly or too slowly (incorrect flow rate) or the duration is too less or too long or a combination of any of these issues. As a result, the required amount of dosage cannot be delivered and has an impact on resources and benefit derived by the patient. There are several types of inhaler and it is important that training and assessment are specific to each inhaler.

Trainhaler CR with the Flo-Tone CR provides a correct inhalation technique training and helps to overcome this problem as far as pMDI Inhalers are concerned. The trainee patient starts inhaling through the Flo-Tone CR and a whistle sound is heard when the flow rate is correct. As soon as the whistle is heard, it is a signal to press the canister (placebo inhaler) and a sound is heard similar to that of a real pMDI. Then patients should try to keep the whistle going on for 5 seconds which ensures the patients is inhaling gentle at correct flow rate.

It is a simple yet effective Inhaler Technique Training Device and can be used by multiple patients. The Trainhaler CR must be cleaned between patients as per cleaning instructions and a new Flo-Tone CR must be used for each patient. 

Product Features and Benefits

No medication (placebo-like inhaler)

No HFA (sounds similar)

Environmentally friendly

Once the patient is confident to move on to the real pMDI with active medication after the training on Trainhaler, the Flo-Tone CR can be detached and attached to the real pMDI to carry on with the technique learned. A separate Flo-Tone CR must be used for each individual patient.

Flo- Tone CR included fits all pMDIs and the controlled resistance removes variability of internal resistance of various pMDIs ensuring the guidance whistle responds at the same flow rate for all pMDIs

Multi-patient use, simply use a separate Flo-Tone Trainer for each individual (our code FS205A)

Flow rate guidance from Flo-Tone CR (whistle)

Firing Signal for easy coordination from Flo-Tone CR

Teaches correct flow rate, with the ability to master inhale/actuate co-ordination


1x Trainhaler Device, 1x Flo-Tone CR Trainer (more Flo-Tone can be ordered later, please click FS205A).


as a package consisting - 1x Trainhaler Device, 1x Flo-Tone CR Trainer PLUS 10x Flo-Tone CR Trainers, Extra!

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