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Flo-Tone CR extends the possibilities of FloTone Trainer by providing initial guidance, on going training and by acting as a mini-spacer and reducing unwanted oro-pharyngeal deposition.

With Flo-Tone CR attached to the pMDI, the patient's gentle inhalation causes a whistle to sound. This is the positive signal to actuate the inhaler. As the patient maintains the whistle the medication is drawn deep in to the lungs. Flo-Tone CR can either be used as a training aid with Trainhaler or a placebo pMDI Inhaler or with a real pMDI Inhaler with an active medication.

It can also be considered as the next step after having the initial training on Trainhaler with Flo-Tone that uses a placebo-like inhaler. This helps the patient to stick to the newly learned technique and also ensure that medicine wastage is minimised.

Flo-Tone CR (Controlled Resistance) fits all pMDI Inhalers and the controlled resistance ensures that the guidance whistle will respond at the same flow rate for all pMDIs irrespective of their individual resistance.

A tethered mouthpiece cap makes it possible to keep Flo-Tone permanently attached to a pMDI Inhaler for ease of use when required by eliminating the chances of small bits in to the Inhaler mouthpiece.

Features and Benefits

For use with Trainhaler or Placebo pMDI Inhaler as well as a real pMDI Inhaler.

Patient learns to inhale at the correct flow rate

Whistle provides clear signal to actuate

By using Flo-Tone CR with an actual pMDI Inhaler, patients can continue using the same technique and moving on to active medication becomes easy.

Built-in controlled resistance (CR) removes variability of the internal resistance of various pMDIs

May also be used as a mini-spacer by attaching to a pMDI Inhaler

Tethererd mouthpiece cap to prevent small bits getting in to the device.

Low-Cost, simple yet effective method of technique training

Fits all pMDI Inhalers

Easy to use

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