In-Check DIAL G16 Inhaler Training Device

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  • One Way Valve Disposable Adult Mouth Pieces (Inspiratory), Box of 100
  • Disposable Inspiratory Mouthpieces with One Way Valve


In-check DIAL G16 Inhaler Training Device is used for coaching patients to use their DPI (Dry Powder Inhalers) and pMDI (Pressurised Metered Dose Inhaler) most efficiently possible.

Misusing an inhaler by asthma sufferers means only a smaller than required amount of the medication reaching the patient's lungs. There are several types of inhaler and it is important that training and assessment are specific to each inhaler.

The In-Check Dial G16 helps to identify whether a patient is using their inhaler correctly and enables the healthcare professional to coach patients to use their inhalers appropriately for maximum drug delivery in to the lungs and maximum benefit as a result. The In-Check DIAL G16 Inhaler Training Device groups Inhalers as a function of their internal airflow resistance, in order to accommodate information on the new devices. There are six resistance groups, five of which relate to dry powder inhalers (DPIs) and one of which to pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs). A Inhaler Resistance Range Guide is provided to identify the resistance of each Inhaler and then adjust the In-check DIAL G16 to match the resistance of the inhaler the patient needs to use. 

The In-Check DIAL G16 measures peak inspiratory flow rate of the patient and can be adjusted to simulate the resistance characteristics of specific inhaler type the patient has to use. Using In-Check DIAL G16 (inhaler technique training device), the patients can be trained to inhale at a flow rate known to be suitable for their particular inhaler type, broadly grouped in to DPI and pMDI.

If the optimum flow is achieved this will increase the amount of medication reaching the lungs, which improves the effect of the medication. 

The ability to use In-Check DIAL (older version) to measure specific flow rate of a particular inhaler can still be achieved through the use of a specific restrictive adapter. An example adapter is now included in the pack.

The In-Check Dial G16 Device can be used for a single patient or by multiple patients in which case Disposable One Way Valve Inspiratory Mouthpieces (one for each patient) will be required. These can be bought separately, (please click our product codes FS277 or FS278 ) or buy as an Inhaler Training Package by selecting either 100 or 200 Disposable Mouthpieces on this page.

Features and Benefits

  • For coaching DPIs an pMDIs Inhaler Techniques
  • Individually calibrated to ensure accuracy
  • Easy to clean by simple washing
  • Resistance selector simulates common inhalers
  • Use with one-way mouthpiece to minimise cross infection
  • Describes correct technique for each inhaler and clinically effective range
  • Comes with an easy to read Optimum Inspiratory Flow card, which informs users of the optimum inspiratory flow rates for different types of inhalers in comaprison to the flow rate achieved.
  • Inspiratory flow can be measured from 15 to 120 L/min

*In-Check DIAL 6T&S has been superseded by a new and improved version called In-Check DIAL G16 Inhaler Training Device which will be supplied  at the same old price! The new device groups inhalers as per their internal airflow resistance.

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