Check Mate Pregnancy Test Strips Professional Quality 20/pk

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1 unit
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Check-mate Pregnancy Test Strips for a rapid, one step test for the qualitative detection of pregnancy.

The test is intended for use in the diagnosis of pregnancy and is for professional use only.

CHECK-MATE dip-strips can be used to determine pregnancy as early as the first day of the missed period.

CHECK-MATE urine dip-strips will detect in concentrations greater than 25 milli-international units per ml.

Results in one to five minutes.

Materials Provided
Test devices (test strips) sealed in an aluminium pouch with desiccant.
Each dip-strip is used to perform one test only.

Positive correlation of more than 99% was found testing random urine samples, as compared to a commercially available Serono MAIA kit.

Quality Control
A built-in control is included in the test. In addition, in accordance with good laboratory practice, negative and positive controls should be used with each assay.



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