Urine Test Strips Medi Test Combi 8 (100/pk)

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The Medi-Test range of urine testing strips provide a simple, fast, reliable, and inexpensive means of detecting and assessing a range of diseases.

Medi Test Combi 8 detects the presence of below parameters in urine -  

• Glucose
• Protein 2
• pH
• Ketone
• Blood
• Nitrite
• Leucocyte
• Specific Gravity

Results in 30 seconds and stable for 60 seconds.

Simply dip the strip in a urine sample, wait for 30 seconds and if the colour changes it indicates presence of glucose. Comparison of the changed colour with the shade card on the bottle provides a semi-quantitaive result. Extremely easy to use, even suitable for self-testing.

The use of urine test strips is acknowledged as a modern screening method in medical practice. With these noninvasive tests important information on the health status of patients is rapidly obtained.

Results appear in 30 seconds (except Leucocytes at 2 minutes) facilitating the decision on further diagnostic and therapeutic action.

Further time and cost-intensive investigations can often be avoided if the test strip result is negative, together with clinical assessment.



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