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Alcohol Testing Kits & Accessories

Fast and accurate Alcohol Testing Kits & Accessories with reliable results for mass screening and evidential testing. Alcohol testing kits screen for and measure the alcohol present in the subject's breath, blood or saliva (depending on the method used) and some even provide the option of producing records as an evidence fro various reasons.Used by NHS Hospitals, De-Addiction/Substance Misuse Centres, Local Councils, Education sector, UK Police and various industries such as Transportation, Marine & Shipping, Construction, Security Services etc.

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AlcoCal 2AL for Calibration of Lion Alcometers
£241.92 (inc VAT) £201.60 (ex VAT)

Alcostick Blood Alcohol Meter Kit
£324.00 (inc VAT) £270.00 (ex VAT)


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