Lion AlcoCal® -M for Lion Alcometer®



AlcoCal® breath alcohol standards are used to check and adjust the calibration setting of lion alcolmeter® breath alcohol analysers. Each AlcoCal® breath alcohol standard consists of a small amount of alcohol [ethanol] vapour, mixed with an inert diluent gas [nitrogen or air].

AlcoCal ® M is a low pressure, disposable canister containing enough gas for about 50 `shots', when used as directed. Supplied complete with dispensing tube system.

Shelf Life: 6 months

Maximum Filling Pressure: 10 bar [10 x 105hPa]

Number of Samples: 50 [approximately]

Quoted Alcohol Levels: in mg/l breath alcohol units

Alcohol Level Accuracy: ±10% of stated value

Weight [complete]: 120 grams

* Picture shown is an Indicative picture only and not the actual product. Contents provided will be as per the description .

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