Actichlor 1.7g Disinfection Tablets, 200 / Bottle (3037640)

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Actichlor contains effervescent NaDCC (Chlorine) disinfectant tablets for mixing with water and preparing a disinfectant solution. 

The Disinfectant solutions prepared with Actichlor are effective against all bacteria, spores, yeasts, moulds and viruses including Hepatitis B and HIV.

Application Area

For disinfection of blood spills, general clinical environment, sinks and drains, babies' bottles and catering equipment.

Instructions for Use

To achieve a solution of 1000ppm, dissolve 1 x 1.7g tablet in 1 litre of water; or for a solution of 10,000ppm, 10 x 1.7g tablets in 1 litre of water. Please see dilution tables for additional dilutions.

Each bottle contains 200 Actichlor Tablets 1.7g

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