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New Products

Premier Burns Kit in Red Box with handle and wall bracket
€25.49 (inc VAT) €21.25 (ex VAT)
Disposable Battery for iPAD Saver NF1200/ NF1201 AEDs and the iPAD NF1200 Training AED
€195.22 (inc VAT) €162.68 (ex VAT)
DefibSafe 2, Outdoor AED Cabinet, Heated and with a coded Keypad Lock
€620.17 (inc VAT) €516.81 (ex VAT)
DefibSafe 2, Outdoor AED Cabinet without Lock
€606.69 (inc VAT) €505.58 (ex VAT)
iPAD AED Starter Kit in a sealed foil bag
€6.67 (inc VAT) €5.56 (ex VAT)

Products On Sale

A&D UM-102A Mercury Free Sphyg with vertical LCD display
€134.48 €108.92 (inc VAT) €112.07 €90.77 (ex VAT)
Elasticated Cold Bandage for Compression 7.5cm x 4.5m- cooling and compression combined !
€4.85 €2.69 (inc VAT) €4.04 €2.24 (ex VAT)
Powerheart G5 AED - Easy to carry and store. Powefrul features in a compact size!
€1,327.98 €1,240.34 (inc VAT) €1,106.65 €1,033.62 (ex VAT)
Jobson Horne Probe 18cm Sterile Individually Packed
€1.55 €1.42 (inc VAT) €1.29 €1.18 (ex VAT)
Melolin Dressing 10cm x 10cm, Low adherent and absorbable
€3.90 €3.64 (inc VAT) €3.25 €3.03 (ex VAT)
Zoll Paediatric Pads 8900-0810-01 with reduced energy transmission and for use on child patients.
€93.03 €74.15 (inc VAT) €77.52 €61.79 (ex VAT)
Vitalograph copd-6 Screening Monitors for early detection of COPD
€119.99 €98.26 (inc VAT) €99.99 €81.88 (ex VAT)
Tanita BC-545 Body Composition Monitor with Innerscan Segmental Technology. Know your Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, Hydration, Bone Mass and Total Body Weight.
€224.68 €185.31 (inc VAT) €187.23 €154.43 (ex VAT)
Cuticell Classic 10cm x 10cm - Paraffin Impregnated Sterile Gauze Dressing
€4.70 €4.44 (inc VAT) €3.91 €3.70 (ex VAT)
Sterile TOE Forcep Dissecting 12.5cm, individually packed
€1.26 €1.19 (inc VAT) €1.04 €0.99 (ex VAT)
Zoll AED Plus with Protective Cover
€1,563.91 €1,233.60 (inc VAT) €1,303.26 €1,028.00 (ex VAT)
iPAD Saver AED with integrated carry handle and clearly marked steps for use.
€969.36 €930.26 (inc VAT) €807.80 €775.22 (ex VAT)