3M™ Nexcare™ Maternity Support For Pregnancy (Sz Medium)

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3M Nexcare™ Maternity Support for Pregnancy Belt for Comfort as well as Support during Pregnancy. As your baby develops in pregnancy your tummy grows and may start to feel heavy. You may feel more tired or may even experience aches and pains in your abdomen and back.

The 3M Nexcare™ Maternity Support for Pregnancy Belt  is a elasticated support belt ( latex free) that can help to ease some of the physical discomfort associated with pregnancy by providing  gentle but firm support underneath your bump to lift the extra weight, relieve pelvic girdle pain and reduce pressure on the lower back.

The belt is fully adjustable; tension and support can be altered by simply stretching the belt a little more or less and adjusting the fastening position. This support can be used throughout pregnancy, but is particularly effective in the second trimester or for relatively smaller bumps.

Nexcare Maternity Support Belt can be hand washed in cold or warm water with mild detergent. Not suitable for machine washing or tumble drying. This Medium size suits pre-pregnancy dress size 10 - 18. Customers are advised to read the enclosed instructions carefully before using this product.

 Features :

  • Maternity support belt worn around the abdomen during pregnancy

  • Helps reducing pressure on the lower back and tummy

  • Latex free, elastic provides gentle yet firm support

  • Lifts the abdomen for relief from sagging weight and leg pain

  • Expands to accommodate your baby's growth

  • Suits pre-pregnancy dress size 10-18

 * Large Size also available, please email sales@foursquare-healthcare.co.uk

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