Sterochef Blue Detectable Finger Extension Plaster 2cm x 12cm, 50/pk

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Sterochef Blue Detectable Plasters are made of a an exceptionally soft and conformable material.

The other side of the plaster has a superbly low-allergy adhesive and a highly absorbent pad in the middle. The pad is designed to not stick to the wound. The plaster has a strong medical grade adhesive which helps the plaster stay put and not come-off! 

Each Plaster is Sterile and individually sealed in a paper wrapper for quick opening by hand and plaster application.

The outer side of the plaster is blue coloured because this is one colour which is not found naturally in the food and therefore easier to spot in case a plaster enters the food chain. These plasters have also got a foil embedded which can be detected by a metal detector and any food that may be contaminated will be rejected.

Using Blue Detectable Plasters is a legal requirement as well as one of the ways to exercise due diligence in areas where food is prepared or processed. This is why these are also known as Catering Plasters or Blue Food Plasters.

Complies with Food & Hygiene Regulations (SI1990 No.1431)

Sterochef Blue Detectable Plasters are Washproof and Latex Free.

Finger extension plasters offer extra long length enabling the plaster to be easily wrapped around a finger having a cut or wound. 

Size 2cm x 15cm

Box of 50 plasters



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