Emollin Emollient Spray 150ml / 240ml

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Emollin Emollient Spray for intense hydration and relief from dry and itchy skin. It delivers a even level of pure white soft paraffin and liquid paraffin directly on the affected area.

There are no cold propellants and it will always spray held in any position, even upside down.

Ideal for use on dry, sensitive or sore skin. The benefits of Paraffin are well known for dry and damaged skin; here is a product that will spray pure paraffin, free from any preservative and cold propellant. Since it is an aerosol spray it delivers an even layer of soothing paraffin directly to the affected area without anything touching the affected area. There is no rubbing to be done over the damaged skin thereby being more hygienic, reduces the risk of contamination and is more convenient.

It also forms a protective layer over the skin which reduces the loss of moisture.

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