Disposable Curtains with Eyelets for Universal Fit 4.2m x 1.95m

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  • Disposable Curtain Summer Blue Universal with Eyelet
  • Disposable Curtain Pastel Blue Universal with Eyelet
  • Disposable Curtains with Eyelets for Universal Fit 4.2m x 1.95m
  • Eyelet with Sea Horse Hooks (available separately)
  • Disposable Curtains - Choice of Colours
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Disposable Privacy Curtains with Eyelets for a Universal Fit. Fits most existing curtain track systems.

Widely used in GP Surgeries, Hospitals Wards and Examination Rooms, Maternity Examinations etc. 

These disposable curtains come with a built-in Microban technology for added protection. Microban 3G Silver™ antibacterial technology built-in at the point of manufacture to provide a valuable and effective tool to aid in the fight in infection control. The Microban technology provides an additional level of protection against bacterial growth and serves to underpin existing hygiene measures within healthcare facilities. 

Manufactured from high quality, durable and recyclable non-woven polypropylene fabric and incorporating an eyelet design for easy loading to existing glider hooks.

Specially designed anti-peel durable labelling enables self-auditing of curtain change policy. 

Disposable curtains eliminate both the cost and environmental impact of laundering conventional curtains.

Disposable curtains reduces labour costs and limits disruption to ward areas during curtain changes.

Non-contaminated curtains can be recycled along with normal plastic waste

Fire retardant to BS 5867-2: 2008 type C

Dimension: 4.2m Width x 1.95m standard length/drop (also available in 7.2m or 1.8m width)

Hook system: Universal (also available Fast Fit & Uni-Glide Hook system). Supplied with integrated eyelets but not the curtain hooks or track runners.

Colours Available: Summer Blue / Pastel Blue / Forest Green / Bali Sand

*** Minimum Pack Sizes: Summer Blue - Sold Individually, Pastel Blue - Sold as Pack of 12 Curtains, Forest Green - Sold as Pack of 12 Curtains, Bali Sand - Sold as Pack of 12 Curtains. So if you add quantity 2 of colour Pastel Blue to your order it will mean 2 packs. Ofcourse, you will get a discount for buying as per full packs. Discounted per pack price will automatically be shown at the check-out. *** 


Q: How do disposable curtains compare with the cost of using conventional curtains ?

A: The use of disposable curtains provide a cost effective solution:

  • No curtain laundry costs
  • No capital outlay for curtains
  • No disruption of services during change of curtains
  • Quick Availability

Q: How often do the curtains need to be changed ?

A: The curtains are durable and each organisation should carry out its own assessment to set the frequency at which the curtains should be changed in different areas. This can be easily incorporated into regular auditing processes and can form part of any existing infection control procedures. As per current CQC regulations, curtains should be visibly clean and must be cleaned or changed at least once every 6 months. Each curtain comes with a self audit label so that you can easily see when it was last changed.

Q: Do these curatins have an expiry date ?

A: No there is no expiry date for unused curtains. You can therefore keep them in stock for being ready for the next change or have some spare in case of accidental damge or soiling.

Q: Does the fabric support bacterial growth?

A: No, it doesn't. The non-woven polypropylene fabric of the curtains is incorported with Micoroban at the time of the manufacture of the fabric itself. This results in the Microban additive to be homogenously distributed through the entire fabric. Microban 3G Silver™ technology releases natural silver ions which lead to bacteria dying on contact with the uppermost surface. The silver ions link with the bacteria blocking cell metabolism, preventing cell division and reproduction with the result that the bacteria colony eventually disappears. Microban Protection begins to work as soon as the micro-organism come into contact with the product surface, where it then works continuously to maintain a consistently lower bio-burden than can be expected on a product without Microban protection.

Q: How should these curtains be disposed ?

A: Unsoiled Curtains can be disposed as recyclabe waste as they are made of polypropylene. Soiled curtains or where the risk assesment dictate (eg. use in Isolation rooms), these must be dispoed as per the clinical waste policy.





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