Dermatonics Once Heel Balm for Dry or Cracked Heels, 75ml /200ml

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  • Dermatonics Once Heel Balm: treatment for rough, dry and calloused heels and feet.
  • Suitable for users with diabetics – Proven track record for treating dry Diabetic feet and is widely prescribed for patients with dry Diabetic Feet.

  • Most Dermatonics users have a noticeable improvement in skin condition after just 2 applications (48 Hours).

  • Dermatonics increases hydration in footskin by over 150% over 14 days.

  • Contains 25% Urea, the skin's natural moisturiser.
  • Paraben free.

  • Contains hypo-allergenic perfume

* Product for sale within the UK only.

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