DefibSafe 2, External AED Cabinet without Lock

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  • DefibSafe 2, Outdoor AED Cabinet without Lock
  • DefibSafe 2, External AED Cabinet with Heat Plate to maintain temperature
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DefibSafe 2 External AED cabinet (without lock) for secure outdoor storage of a defibrillator. Especially designed for safe and secure outdoor storage of AED, the cabinet exterior is made from polyethylene and the door is made from Polycarbonates, the same material that is used to make riot shields! 

It is designed to be highly visible and internal LED lighting is also provided making it more visible. This also makes reading the instructions much more easier where the surroundings are not well illuminated. Each cabinet has a unique location code which can be shared with the local ambulance service so they can add it to their system and send the help to the exact location. The cabinet also has a heat plate to maintain the internal temperature.

A digitally coded keypad lock option is also available at a marginally extra cost.


  • Super Strong - DefibSafe 2 Outdoor Cabinets are made from corrosion and impact resistant polyethylene. The door is made from polycarbonate which is the same material used to construct riot shields giving additional protection from vandalism.
  • IP66 Certified -  Superior protection to protect the defibrillator inside from the harshest of weather conditions.
  • Pin Point Location - Each cabinet has its unique location code. It is strongly recommended that the unique location number of the cabinet is shared with the local Ambulance Service so that they can add it on to their systems. This enables a 999 call operator to pin point the exact location of the cabinet and the help in an emergency can be sent straight to the location of the cabinet. In an emergency they can direct people to their nearest location and offer extra guidance during a 999 call.
  • Highly Durable - Durable and weatherproof construction giving excellent protection for the defibrillator stored safely inside.
  • Large flat bar handle - Easy single hand entry with large flat bar handle.
  • Thermostatically controlled frost protection & full insulation - The cabinet has a heat plate to maintain the internal temperature. The plate is kept at 10 degrees and is never allowed to drop below 5 degrees. The heat plate will never reach above 25 degrees. To avoid a fire risk, the heat plate has a thermal cut out mechanism.
  • Highly Visible - DefibSafe 2 External AED cabinets are highly visible yellow and green coloured. The internal lighting in the cabinet also adds to the visibility.
  • Easy to understand instructions - The instructions on the cabinet's exterior have been written with guidance from NHS Ambulance service. It becomes easier to provide guidance and inform passers by what to do in an emergency.
  • Low running costs & simple installation - The low voltage transformer that delivers the energy required to run the cabinet ensures that running costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Full Illumination - The internal LED lighting gives additional visibility. It also means that the instructions and numbers on the lock are back lit and always visible. This is especially useful in rural and remote locations.
  • Warranty - 10 years on the outer casing, representing the quality and durability of the cabinet in all weathers and under normal usage. Electrics have a standard one year warranty. and the lock has a two years warranty (excluding vandalism).

Dimensions - 440mm (Width) x 625mm (Height) x 285mm (Depth)

Weight - 10Kg

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