Cuticell Classic, Paraffin Dressing 10cm x 10cm, (10/pack)

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Cuticell Classic is a paraffin impregnated gauze dressing used as a primary wound contact layer for treatment of burns, ulcers, skin graft sites, lacerations and abrasions. Each dressing is sterile and thus suitable for direct contact with most wounds. As each dressing is individually packed, the sterility of the other dressings in the pack stays intact and can be used later when required. 

It is made of open weave cotton gauze and impregnated with soft paraffin. Dressing is impregnated with paraffin is applied first to reduce the adherence of the dressing with the wound. An appropriate secondary dressing is then applied on the wound.


  • Low-adherent and soothing.
  • Open weave of the dressing lets the exudate pass in to an absorbent secondary dressing.
  • Th dressing has interlocking threads which minimises fraying when dressing is cut to size or shape. 
  • Facilitates dressing change.
  • Helps maintain a moist environment to support wound healing.
  • For increased stability when cut to size.
  • Does not fray.
  • Allows exudate to drain freely into an absorbent secondary dressing.
  • Prevents occlusive effects.

Size : 10cm x 10cm

Pack Quantity: 10 individually packed sterile dressings.

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