Biohazard Spill Pak

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Guest Biohazard Spill - Pak is a pack of necessary products that are required for cleaning, disinfecting and disposing bio-hazardous waste quickly and efficiently.

It is designed to handle minor spillages of blood and blood stained body fluids. 

All required products are consolidated in a compact bag which comes sealed and is for single use only. The pack is small and light weight and can easily fit in a doctor's or paramedic's bag doing home visits besides being stored in common places of expected use like GP Surgery, Care Homes, Clinics, Laboratories, Hospital Wards, First Aid Rooms in Schools or Offices, Clinical Research Institutes etc.

Blood or Blood stained body fluid spillage can happen anywhere. It is important to clean the spillage quickly and efficiently but above all safely and without any risk to the personnel cleaning the spill. Department of Health has issued recommendations for safely cleaning and disposing such spillages.

Guest Biohazard Spill Pak conforms to these recommendations and contents included are:

Disposable Latex Gloves

Plastic Apron

100ml Haz-Tab Absorbent Granules

Scoop and Scraper

4 Haz-Tab Tablets to make a disinfectant solution

Paper Towels

Disposal Bag for bio-hazardous waste

Instructions for use

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