Vitalograph In2itive Spirometer with Printer & Cradle

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  • Vitalograph In2itive with Cradle
  • Vitalograph In2itive Touch-Screen with Styluss
  • Vitalograph In2itive with remotely connected Flowhead and BVF
  • Vitalograph In2itive with attached Flowhead and BVF
  • Vitalograph In2itive Menu Display with attached Flowhead and SafeTway Mouthpiece
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Vitalograph In2itive Spirometer with Printer & Cradle ( 79302P ) is a compact, lightweight and handheld spirometer that brings together the benefits of full spirometry, data integration and mobility. Vitalograph Spirometer In2itive is an ideal solution for high quality spirometry in your surgery/clinic as well as on the move, thanks to it’s simple icon driven menu, a large, high resolution colour touch-screen, storage capacity for 10,000 subjects and a robust Fleisch flow measuring technology. Optional Spirotrac software available for automatic upload of subject data and download of test data and connectivity with EMIS and Practice network.


  • Cradle for battery charging, connection to a PC and automatic data exchange saving time and eliminating errors
  • Assured hygiene with removable flowhead, SafeTway mouthpieces or BVF Bacterial/Viral Filters
  • Hours of battery life for a full day of off-site testing
  • Over 50 test parameters A Pre-post bronchodilator comparison
  • Single and multi-breath
  • F/V or V/T curves viewable in real time
  • Choice of child incentives with sound effects
  • Remote flowhead option enables the subject to view incentives while performing the test
  • Icon driven menus
  • Print directly via a USB A4 Printer
  • Range of accessories and robust carrying case

Technical Specifications


Automatic population of database from Spirotrac. Name, ID; Age, Height, Gender; Smoking status, Body Mass Index and more depending on model. Storage of up to 10,000 subjects.

Environmental Data: Selectable:

Temperature (built in sensors), Barometric pressure, altitude, humidity.

Test types:

Single breath tests, flow/volume loops, multi-breath testing, tidal breathing and combined VC/FVC type test methods supported

Selectable Parameters (depending on model):

VC; IVC; IC; VT (TV); TLC; RV; IRV; ERV; FRC; FVC; FIVC; FEV1; FEV3; FEV6; FVC; FEV1/VC; FEV1/FVC; FEV3/VC; FEV3/FVC; FEV1/FEV6; FEF75; FEF50; FEF25; FEF25-75; FEF25-75/FVC; FIV1; PIF, FIV1/ FIVC, FIF25, FIF50, FIF75, FEF50/FIF50, FET, MVVind, FEV1 Ratio; FEV0.5; PEF L/min; PEF L/s; FEF 0.2-1.2; FEF 75-85%; FEF25%; FEF50%; FEF75%; FMFT; FIF25%; FIF50%; FIF75%; PIF; FEV0.75; Lung Age and more.

Predicted Values Selectable(depending on model):

ERS/ECCS; NHANES, Polgar, Pereira, Berglund,Forsche, Gutierrez,Hedenström, Taiwan;Knudson, Crapo; Hsu; KNLW; Viljanen; SEPAR; Gulsvik; SBPT; Tamura; Ip; Quanjer; Wang; Dockery and more

Suggested Interpretation:

User selectable

Flow Technology:

Fleisch Pneumotachograph (No3 size)


10 mL volume; 0.01 L/s flow

Data Storage:

Stores up to 10,000 subjects and hundreds of test sessions

Accuracy when in Operating Range:

Volumes: Better than ± 3% (Max 10L / Min 0L); Flows: Better than ± 10% (Max 16L/s / Min 0.02L/s); Linearity: ± 5% in range 0.1 L/s to 16 L/s


Input 100 - 240V AC 50-60Hz, output 5V DC

Battery Pack:

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer 3.7v 2000mAH

Dimensions: Device:

160mm x 100mm x 45mm (with flowhead attached)

Nett Weight:

Device: 230g

Gross Weight and Size (Packed):

Weight: 1.5kg, Packed Size: 213mm x 199mm x 158mm

Storage Humidity:

10% to 95%

Storage Temperature:

0°C to 50°C

Recommended Operating Temperature Range:

17 - 37°C; Design Limits 10-40°C

Ambient Humidity:

0% to 99%



Max Test Duration:

20s FVC; 30s VC

Performance Standards:

ISO 26782:2009; ISO 23747:2007; ATS/ERS 2005

Safety Standards:

IEC 60601-1:2005

Medical Safety Standard:

Medical Devices Directive 2007/47/EC

Designed & Manufactured Under:

ISO 13485:2003, FDA 21CFR820, CMDR

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