Safecleanse Alcohol Hand Sanitiser, 50ml

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Safecleanse alcohol based waterless hand sanitiser for instantly sanitising the hands. Also contains effective moisturiser that prevents hand dryness occurring after repeated use of sanitisers.

Contains Ethyl Alcohol (61%) and Triclosan (0.1%).

Triclosan prevents the re-growth of pathogens between the applications of the gel.  

Effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses on the skin.

Designed specifically for being effective as well as frequent use. It does not leave the hands feeling sticky or dry.

Works up to 3 hours after use.

Portable enough to carry in pocket or a small bag.

The unique PA Dispersion Technology allows alcohol to be combined with efficient moisturising ingredients. It gives SafeCleanse a more pleasant feel than many other disinfectant gels.

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